New legislation passes for volunteer fire departments, autopsy reports

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Friday, April 26, 2013 - 11:46pm

Legislators in Austin passed two bills today that will directly affect El Paso county.

The first gives the County the authority over the Emergency Services Districts, who will now handle the county's volunteer fire departments... and manage their funding.

This, after it was found El Paso taxpayer monies were being misused.

State Rep. Marisa Marquez authored this bill, and she worked with State Sen. Jose Rodriguez on legislation regarding autopsy reports.

Right now, x-rays and photos used in an autopsy report are completely confidential, but that has not stopped people from requesting them through the Texas Public Information Act.

With this new law, the El Paso County Attorney's office can just turn down open records requests for those items without getting an opinion from the Texas Attorney General.

There are only two exemptions; if the request is a subpoena, or if the person died while in police custody.


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