New details of what lies ahead for the Pope

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 2:12pm

The Vatican is getting ready for Pope Benedict's final public audience on Wednesday, meanwhile the church is unveiling what Pope Benedict's life will be like once he retires. 

Once he resigns on Thursday Pope Benedict will be known as his holiness, Benedict the 16th, Pope Emeritus.

He will still wear white, but will give up his papal robes for a simple white cassock. 

Benedict will also give up his fisherman's ring, which will be destroyed, and go back to wearing an episcopal ring that he wore when he was a cardinal.

Benedict will also give up his red shoes, for a pair of comfortable brown ones, we understand a pair that were given to him in Mexico on a trip last year. 

"The city of Leon is noted for beautiful shoes and very comfortable shoes, and when the Pope was asked what he wanted to wear, he told I want the shoes from Leon, in Mexico. So to our friends from Mexico, congratulations." said Vatican Spokesman, Father Thomas Rosica.

The Pope also gave the Cardinals permission to move up the start date of the conclave to choose his successor.


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