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Transponder's fate may prove key to solving Malaysia Airlines puzzle

As investigators search for clues to what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the answer to one question may prove key: Why did the transponder in the Boeing 777-200ER stop transmitting information?

Authorities respond to massive explosion in East Harlem

New York police and fire officials were responding to reports of a massive explosion in Manhattan's East Harlem, authorities said Wednesday.

Man carjacks three vehicles, finally arrested

A suspect is in custody after a police chase in Colorado. It all started after police say a car with a four-year-old inside was stolen from a gas station Wednesday morning.

Malaysia Airlines: What is a transponder?

You keep hearing experts talking about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the fact that its transponder went from on to off.

Suffer from migraines? Device worn on the head may prevent them

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first medical device for preventing migraines. It's called Cefaly and works by stimulating nerves beneath the forehead.

Woman says she and friend flew in cockpit with missing jet's co-pilot in 2011

(CNN) -- The first officer aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight once invited two teenagers he just met into the cockpit of his plane during another international flight, one of the women told "Piers Morgan Live."

Bodybuilding champion serves as Pentagon chaplain assistant

Serving as the only chaplain assistant at the Pentagon Chaplain's Office -- responsible for facilitating religious support to 25,000 service members and civilians from all branches of the military -- you wouldn't think Staff Sgt.

NJ agrees to ban Tesla's direct sales

A New Jersey agency has agreed to ban Tesla from selling cars directly to consumers in the Garden State Tuesday.

Stocks fall but sense of calm prevails

On an otherwise quiet trading day in which investors continued to ignore geopolitical risk in Ukraine, a few companies experienced some big stock swings.

Apple releases IOS7 update for IPhone, IPad

Apple has released its latest mobile operating system update. IOS seven-point-one packs in an assortment of bug fixes, improvements and new features, including some subtle changes to the overall interface.

General Motors under investigation

General Motors is under investigation by the House, in connection with faulty ignition switches linked to 13 deaths. The hearings will investigate why the automaker and federal regulators had trouble recognizing the defect.

Senate clears military sex assault prosecution bill

The U.S. Senate on Monday voted 97 to 0 in approving modest reforms aimed at strengthening prosecution of sex assaults in the military.

Hollywood severed head mystery solved with arrest, police say

The discovery two years ago of a man's decapitated head near the Hollywood sign began a murder mystery that police now believed is solved.

Markets hit pause as investors watch Asia

With little U.S. economic or corporate news on the docket Monday, investors kept an eye on the rest of the world to get a sense of where the market is headed.