Mystery billboard reveals another clue

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 8:25pm

Another word has been revealed on the 'So Good' billboard that has been adorning roads all over El Paso.

The word 'it's' has been showcased in black and white along with the other words revealing the phrase so it's good.

The billboard is black and white and has no other messages, yet what lies beneath is the hope to garner more positive attention to the Sun City.

"We're going to take on a couple of very important missions. One, to attract positive national media. And number two, was to excite El Pasoans about El Paso," Bill Blaziek said.

The task force plans to unveil their entire campaign on May 9th.

"When the campaign unfolds there will be strong messaging there. And we'll stage a complete reveal at our annual National Tourism Week luncheon," Blaziek said.


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