Mother pulls special needs child out of school after alleged playground attack

Friday, September 6, 2013 - 10:31pm

For weeks now, a mother says her plea continues to be ignored by the El Paso Independent School District. As we reported last month, a special needs child was allegedly attacked by another student and now his parents are searching for answers.Since the incident, Giovanni's parents have pulled him out of the school. They say they feel better having him at home instead, because the school isn't giving them any reason to believe it won't happen again.

Three year-old Giovanni Cardenas is almost completely healed after he was bit several times by another special needs child while on the playground last month.The school had called Giovanni's parents and told them to take him to the hospital. Jessica and her husband David picked up their son and were horrified to see him with bites and bruises on his face, ear and hand. The Cardenas family says the school has not been apologetic and will not discipline the teacher.

“Pretty much this is the only school unless you want to take him to Fort Bliss. So we'll just pay more attention to that girl that attacked your son and we'll keep an eye on her, so your child can be safe and the teacher will be more aware of your surroundings. But no one was held responsible," said David Cardenas as he explained what teachers told him.

As of now, they still have not gotten a formal response from the district. According to the the family, they filed a police report but Child Protective Services investigated and cleared Dowell Elementary of any charges.
The Cardenas family will continue to keep Giovanni out of Dowell Elementary School until they figure out a way to get him to a special needs school that's closer to home.


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