Migrant farmer children create art for display at downtown gallery

Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 5:15pm

Children's art is displayed on the wall of the oLo Gallery in downtown El Paso. While the artists are not professionals by definition, every person that walks through the door is impressed with the pieces.

Maria Garcia has been making art with the Creative Kids program for five years.

"It was really hard work and it means a lot to me. Each color means that you can express yourself and each color has its own feeling," said Garcia.

The program is meant to give children, that might not otherwise get an opportunity, to create their very own masterpieces. This week long program gave kids of migrant farmer families in Fabens, a chance to take pride in something they created on their own.

"I did a woman with flowers. I did a great job. I spent two weeks doing it," said art student Wendy Reyes.

Dr. Lourdes Sanchez, Ph.D said it gives the students time to develop creative skills.

"You see that they were able to discover a talent that they didn't realize they had. If it hadn't been for that collaboration with creative kids, our migrant students would never have had such an opportunity," said Sanchez.

Maria's mother Sandra says it keeps kids goal oriented.

"People could see what kids could do. I mean their talent. It's good because there's a lot of kids that could focus on something else instead of being in the streets," said Sandra Garcia.

With the help of creative kids and the Fabens ISD Migrant Education Program, Maria knows she's got talent.

"Keep it up and never give up," said Maria Garcia.

Seventy-two students participated in this year's program.The families have to meet specific criteria in order for their children to participate. 


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