Memorial held for 19 year-old killed in tragic crash

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 12:45am

Dozens of people gathered near U.S. 54 tonight to remember an El Paso Community College student who was killed on the same highway last night.

Jacqueline Hager's friends and family held candles and shared stories about the 19 year-old. Hager was riding in a Grand Am with three friends when it stalled in the middle of of Gateway South between the Transmountain and Diana exits.

A Ford F-150 crashed into the back of the car killing Hager and injuring her friends.

"Jackie was an amazing, bright young woman. She was very talented and she always had this big smile on her face, just one that could light up your world," said Ashley Bates, Hager's friend.

"She was kind of weird, kind of crazy, just the way I love her. That's what made her beautiful because she was out there. She spoke her mind. very intelligent. She was about to get her associate's next week. She was going to be a scientist," said Michael Hager.

Hager was a graduate of Andress High School. Her three friends are out of the hospital tonight. Police do not believe any charges will be filed against Craig Lewis, the driver of the truck.


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I went to school with her parents. I am so sad about this. RIP Jackie.

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