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Memorial for 10 Year Old Girl

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 11:20pm

Just three days ago Litzey Realyvasquez and her family went on an outing at the Clint Pit to go four wheeling.
That day the fun turned tragic, when the SUV they were in overturned, killing the 10 year old girl.
Tonight family and friends paid their respects.

By 7:15 there was standing room only at Mount Carmel Funeral Home, where 10 year old Litzey Realyvasquez lay.

Her cousin, Joana Moreno says Litzey would have felt honored to see all of her family and friends here to visit her one last time.

"She would feel happy," Moreno said. "I think she would start crying".

Joana and Litzey were more than cousins, they were good friends.

"Litzey she was always kind she was never a bad girl," Moreno said. "She always spent her time studying reading books or just watching a movie" .

On this night, everyone Litzey knows is here and they're all in a sort of haze of disbelief.

"They're all crushed," Moreno said. "Me and my cousins we still can't believe it. She was ten years old. She still had her life in front of her and her parents they're crushed. Big time" .

Litzey's funeral is Thursday, 10 a.m. at La Purisima Church.  She'll be buried afterward at Mount Carmel Cemetary.


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