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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 11:59am

Lower Valley residents concerned about flooding


EPWU fixing Carlson pump issue

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 6:41pm

A flood of frustrations in the Lower Valley -- after weekend rains fail to drain. Last weekend's storm brought an inch of rain to the Lower Valley and residents claimed a pump station in their area is simply not working.

A warm, sunny Thursday morning reveals a picturesque day in this Lower Valley neighborhood at the intersection of Franklin and Franklin Loop in El Paso. But a picture of the same neighborhood taken on Saturday is a stark contrast -- as streets were turned into rivers.

"Just this past Saturday with about 20, 30 minutes of rain it got real bad,” Israel Fuentes, a resident of the neighborhood told us.

"Your vehicles can't go by,” Irma Jaloma Keith, another resident said. Fuentes and Keith live just houses away from each other, and according to them, they've been dealing with flooding for years.

"Every time it rains,” Keith explained.

"This pump station hasn't really been working. Every time it rains, it pours here and the water doesn't go anywhere,” Fuentes added.

El Paso Water Utilities has maintained the Carlson pump since 2008 and say improvements were made two years ago. Residents don’t believe the pumps work 100-percent of the time. EPWU said debris blocked the pump station from working properly. "First of all we want to apologize to the residents in that area for any inconveniences they may have experienced,” Christine Montoya, a spokesperson for EPWU said.

The utility company says their crew was on site cleaning up the pump shortly after being notified Saturday. "And they were able to put some backup measures into place to start that water being circulated."

By the time they were able to get the pump working again, the water had risen high enough to create major headaches. Drivers were forced to maneuver over puddles. Splashing water onto sidewalks.

"And we flooded… our neighborhood flooded,” Keith said in frustration, "We would like for them to come and maintain that pump."

EPWU claims this problem isn't fixed yet, they'll continue to look into it. "We are going to further investigate the design of this pump station to see if there are any other fool proof methods that we can put into place,” Montoya explained.

El Paso Water Utilities said they've put in measures to prevent flooding like this from happening in this part of the neighborhood again.
If anyone is experiencing issues with their pump, please call EPWU at 1-877-IDFLOWS


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