Local youth sports team determined not to let weather cancel activities

Saturday, November 23, 2013 - 12:32am

Temperatures have dropped, the winds are whipping, and it looks like this winter weather has arrived to the Borderland.

The cold weather will surely keep some El Pasoans indoors over the weekend, but local youth sports teams aren't letting the temperatures keep them from playing a good game.

Regardless of the cold, the Henry Stokes Little Bowl Football Championships are still scheduled for Saturday, November 22, 2013.

Cross country runners competing in a championship also happening on Saturday say the weather might just be to their advantage.

"They're used to it. They're cross country runners, nothing stops us expect for lightening," said Michael Abeyta, Chair of the Border Association Cross Country Youth organization.

"I don't really like the cold air but I'm used to it," said Kierra Gabriel, a local runner with Team Bliss.

"I run really well in the cold so, I think I'm going to do really well," said Kieron Brunner, a runner with KOM from Colorado Springs, CO.

Kieron and his buddies are in town for the Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships, and they say the cold weather in El Paso is nothing compared to what they're used to back home.

"It probably won't affect us very much because we've been running in the cold for the past couple weeks of training," said Sadio Fenner, another runner with KOM.

"I'm not worried about it at all. I'm actually quite excited about it. Back in colorado, it's always cold, running in the snow. I don't like running in the warm weather," said Matthew Mitchell, a third runner with KOM.

Local runners may not be fond of the cold but they're preparing themselves for a good race on Saturday anyway.

"Start getting enough sleep and eat right the rest of the night," said Michael Medina, a rocal runner with the El Paso Striders.


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