Local Jeopardy Star

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 7:45pm

EL PASO- The name of a popular game show that asks questions in the form of an answer...

...what is Jeopardy?
Next answer... a local high school student who will be on the show...

...who is Katie Stone?

It's the kind of gameshow that, if you've ever sat down and watched, odds are you will have said to yourself, "I know the answer to that questuion, I should be on this show."

That's exactly how a local teenager named Katie Stone got her shot at the game. Ms. Stone, a student at Silva Health Magnet High School, was one of thousands of teenagers across America that signed up online for a test that determined who would be asked for an audition in Los Angeles. She received one of the highest scores and secured that audition last September. Ms. Stone went on to be one of the fifteen finalists. She returns the week of Thanksgiving for the actual "Tournament of Teens". It will be taped and the outcome will air at the end of January.


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