Local church cleanup from Monday storms continues as a second round of heavy rains heads to the area

Friday, August 1, 2014 - 12:23am

Monsoon storms have rolled through the Borderland and the inch of rain that hit Las Cruces on Monday was enough to flood the basement of one local church in Doña Ana County.

"Lady just North of us is in an adobe house and she lost a whole wall," said Jack Barclay, the Treasurer of St. Mary's Church.

Barclay said Monday's rains made nearby arroyos and ponds in the area overflow, sending water into the roads.

"We had crews out there working to open up a culvert to ease the drainage and to get those roads back open," said Jess Williams, a spokesperson with Doña Ana County.

But Barclay said 7 to 8 feet of water quickly made its way into St. Mary's Church just across the street.

"Bulldozers that were just shoving the water down the road in the other direction," he said. "Everything that was in there was damaged."

There were prayer books and bibles soaked by water and caked with mud.

The flooding destroyed the church's air conditioner and furnace, parts of which were in a heap of debris next to St. Mary's.

"It smells musty and humid in there," said Barclay.

He said it hasn't been this bad since the 2006 floods.

"The road crews have been working from year to year to try and avoid this kind of a build up but this was just one of those situations where it was too much," said Barclay.

Crews worked to drain the water and clean up the mess but Barclay says it won't be cheap.

"It is going to cost about $3,000 to $4,000 and hopefully our insurance will cover that," said Barclay.

A second round of pounding rain is expected to hit the area this weekend. 


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