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Lawsuits Have Been Dropped In Three Legged Monkey Battle

Friday, October 25, 2013 - 5:35pm

A years-long battle between an eastside bar and nearby residents is over.

Court records show Mike Armstrong of the Three Legged Monkey and residents who live near the Hawkins Plaza have decided to drop all lawsuits against each other. Residents have complained the bar was loud; patrons littered their neighborhoods and feared the bar brought crime to the area after a murder in the strip parking lot in January 2011.

The on-going troubles led to the city to attempt to buy back the Hawkins Plaza lease, and in a move to save his business, Armstrong filed for bankruptcy. In January, a federal judge ruled in favor of the 3-legged monkey and Armstrong allowing the bar to stay put.

Now court records show all parties involved have decided to end the dispute without any court intervention.


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