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Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

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Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 4:46pm

 If at first you don't succeed, fry, fry again - June 13 is Kitchen Klutzes of America Day!

There's an inner kitchen klutz in all of us. Even the best chefs slice their fingers, burn their forearms on oven doors and drop plates full of food.

Here are some tips for the two most common kitchen accidents: cuts and burns.

If you cut yourself, rinse the wound under cold water to make sure there's no debris in it. Smaller cuts will stop bleeding with some applied pressure, whereas larger cuts might need medical attention. If the bleeding doesn't stop, wrap it with gauze or tissue and hold it high above your heart as someone takes you to the emergency room. Oh, and don't forget to turn off the stove and oven.

Burns can be painful, but thankfully most kitchen burns are first degree and can be treated at home. Severe second degree or third degree burns should be treated at a hospital. Most of us have probably been told to ice a burn. According to the Mayo Clinic, this is the exact opposite of what you should actually do. Icing a burn could cause frostbite. Instead, run the burn under cool -- not cold -- water until the pain subsides.

Other ways to reduce your kitchen accident rate:

Clean up spills as they happen; this will ensure you won't slip on them later.

Move slower; it's better to get dinner on the table 10 minutes late than not at all because you're on the way to the ER.

Use common sense; this may sound obvious but we really are our own worst enemies when it comes to kitchen accidents. Cutting towards your body is never a good idea, neither is carrying a pot of boiling water across the room while talking on the phone.

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