Jury finds Ft. Bliss soldier not-guilty in shooting death of two fellow soldiers

Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 7:49pm

A jury found Tyrone Head not-guilty on two counts of felony murder in the deaths of two Fort Bliss soldiers.

After hearing the verdict, Head collapsed onto the table, overcome with emotion and presumably relief.

Head's mother and family members traveled from Kansas City for the trial.  They too were overcome with relieve and cried out praising the Lord.

Family members of the two victims, Damien Bailey and Preston Brown also walked out of the courtroom crying out in disbelief.

In January, 2012, Head got into a fight with Craig Graham outside of Fussion Night Club, which is now closed.

During the fight, Head got a gun from a friend's car and fired into the air ten times.

Graham fired back and the bullets from Graham's gun were the ones that killed Bailey and Brown.

State prosecutors tried to argue that Head was guilty of felony murder because by firing his gun first, he set the series of deadly events into motion.

Head's attorney, Patrick Lara, said the state could not prove Head was a murderer.

"There were several points that we had. It was just that we felt that altogether as a totality, the evidence just did not add up to a guilty verdict, based on felony murder which is what the state charged him with," said Lara.

Graham is charged with capital murder in the two deaths and is expected to stand trial in April.

Head spent ten months in the El Paso County Jail and is expected to be released late Thursday night or Friday morning.

Head is technically still in the U.S. Army and will report to Fort Bliss to determine what happens next.

NewsChannel 9 contacted Fort Bliss officials who said they should have more information on Friday.


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