Judge Escobar sends sharp email to EPISD Interim Superintendent

Saturday, March 30, 2013 - 11:38pm

Judge Veronica Escobar sent a sharp letter on Saturday to EPISD Interim Superintendent Vernon Butler. She's responding to the district's recent removal of several campus leaders.

In the letter, Judge Escobar says she is speaking as a community leader, as well as an EPISD parent. She questions the reliability of using information from the firm conducting EPISD's forensic audit, to make important personnel decisions.

Escobar has a son at El Paso High School and says he and others are confused. The principal suddenly lost her job last week.

"What is going on, what's happening at our school, who is this new guy that's the principal, what's his story," said Escobar as she describes her son's reactions.

Responding to an email from Escobar, EPISD Interim Superintendent Vernon Butler explained the district is assessing personnel issues that may be linked to illegal activities of former superintendent Lorenzo Garcia. Butler says all administrators dismissed will receive due process. In a statement he says:

"While we appreciate the County Judge's efforts to share her concern with the district. These are personnel issues that will not be debated in the media,” said Butler.

This past week EPISD removed a string of employees from several schools without much explanation. As a parent and taxpayer, Escobar wants answers and she's asking for three things:

The first: to reinstate the removed school administrators accused of wrongdoing, while the district interviews them. She says those administrators were not given the chance to respond and some have tried.

"Kristine Ferret , if its true that she tried to deliver documents to the auditing team, that they refused to take that, that should be looked at by the interim superintendent," said Escobar.

She also wants a review of the Weaver and Tidwell firm's audit and make the sure the work they're doing matches the $800,00 bill.

"Are they doing it adequately, fairly, responsively," said Escobar.

And lastly she asks that the district make the audit public, especially if the firm has found any illegal behavior by administrators. It seems like EPISD did take Escobar's letter to heart after all, the spokesperson confirmed with LocalFour News that audit will be ready Monday afternoon for public view.


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