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Juarez journalist unite after deadly attack

Friday, March 8, 2013 - 12:00am

Journalists across the border are uniting and calling for action after television station Channel 44 and the Juarez office of El Diario came under attack on Wednesday.

The group says the intent to stop their freedom of speech and their access to information will not work.

The journalists are blaming government entities that they say haven't been able to stop the violence across the border and hold accountable responsible parties.

In 2008 Journalist Armando Rodriguez was murdered and in 2010 Photojournalist Luis Carlos Santiago was a victim of the violence.

El Paso editor and spokesperson Gerald Smola says, "Threats have been received all over. In the capital of Chihuaha City there is another paper, and phone calls and threatening messages are almost every day for reporters and journalists."

No one was injured in this last shooting, but all are on egde.


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