Intoxication Manslaughter Trial Begins for Miguel Vargas

Monday, October 1, 2012 - 8:29pm

 He's accused of 2 counts of intoxication manslaughter and 2 counts of intoxication assault.  Miguel Vargas sat quietly in the 243rd District Court, as witnesses recounted the early morning hours of December 28th 2011.  

That's the day Vargas allegedly sped down Mesa, lost control of his vehicle and crashed, causing a fiery, deadly wreck.

In opening statements, the prosecution told the jury, they'd hear testimoney that would prove Vargas was drunk and speeding when he killed Kim Araujo and Idaly Reyes and injured Nefi Armendariz and Stacey Reyes.

District Attorney Chris Miller told the jury Vargas was going at least 90mph and his BAC was .25, three times the legal limit.

Jurors heard from first responders, friends of Vargas, as well as witnesses to the accident.
Keaton Evans, who passed the accident that night, talked about seeing Kim Araujo on the street.  

"There was something in the road, so my brother-in law kinda swerved to avoid it." said Evans.

It was the body of Araujo.

A nurse who was in the car with Evans said, "You could just tell she wasn't breathing"

Jurors saw a video of the crash taken from a surveillance camera at a nearby building.  It showed cars passing at normal speed and then one car, Vargas' car speed past, going sideways.  Next, a small explosion and then a bigger one.  

Trial resumes at 9a.m. Tuesday.


Reader Comments

It was sad when the news first came out, and it was even sadder to listen to the court arguments. My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones. I only have one comment that might raise some frowns. Mr. Vargas should be responsible for his actions indeed, but I dont think he should paid for the descision of the other ADULTS that voluntarily got in the car with him and opted not to use the seat belts. Many lives have already been wreck, I pray to God that the court be lenient

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