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How Long Does Your Cell Phone Company Keep Your Data?

Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 4:09pm

If you're concerned about how your cell phone provider tracks you, it all depends on which one you use. A document from the U.S. Department of Justice reveals exactly what kind of information is stored, and for how long, for each provider.

AT&T stores all the calls you make and texts you send for the longest period-- up to seven years.

Verizon keeps those numbers for the shortest time of any provider-- one year.

Verizon also keeps records of the cell tower that was used in calls for the shortest time period-- also one year, while AT&T stores that information indefinitely.

All this information can be used by law enforcement during criminal investigations.

Only one provider keeps records of the content of your texts; that's Verizon, which stores the data for just three to five days.


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