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Should El Paso Hire Only Local Job Candidates for Top Jobs ?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 8:30pm

EL PASO — When El Paso hires a police chief or parks director or the head of any department, should that person come only from El Paso?

It's a hot button issue right now after the sudden recognition of El Paso fire chief Otto Drozt. he came here from Florida, served three years, and now he's going back to Florida. Today councilman Eddie Holguin argued the city should no longer hire outsiders.

" When you hire people from out of town, they have no loyalty to the city, they come here, they work for a couple of years they pad their resume, and i'm more interested in the people who worked in the city for 20-plus years, and hire El Pasoans instead of people fromm out of town who basically don't know the community, don't know the culture, and end up getting frustrated and they leave"

But Hholguin's proposal got strong pushback, from City Manager Joyce Wilson who's in charge of hiring....then council members Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega ... all of them rejected Holguin's idea, arguing that.. when there's a big job open in El Paso, the city should hire the best available person... no matter where they're from.

Mayor Cook ordered city attorneys to look into the legality of ignoring out-of-town applicants in favor of job seekers already in El Paso.


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