Hit-and-run victim's family pleads with suspect to come forward

Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 5:47pm

A man is in a coma after getting hit by a truck and his family wants answers. A truck driver hit three people, including Pedro Mendez, Jr. at the McDonald's parking lot off I-10 and Horizon in Socorro.
Witnesses said the truck that hit the three men, drove off. And with no arrests as of Sunday night, the family is pleading with the suspect to come forward.
"Right now, he's fighting for his life," Marisela Mendez, the victim’s sister said. Marisela asked us to keep her shrouded in darkness but she was unable to hide her pain. "I'm mad at the people that did that to my brother."

Her brother, Pedro Mendez, is in a coma at the intensive care unit after a truck driver hit him. “He's there lying on the bed and he's not good right now,” Marisela said, sobbing.

Witnesses tell Local 4 News, a driver in a white pick-up truck hit Pedro and two other men around 2 am on Sunday.The other two victims received minor injuries. The Mendez family wants the driver of the white pick-up truck to surrender. "I just want my brother to be good and people who were there to come forward."

Marisela's boyfriend also spoke with us on camera. He said the family is still trying to piece together what happened. "You just see him one day he's fine the next thing you know you see him lying down in that bed with tubes coming out, it's hard,” Raymundo Solis told us.

But most of all, they want things to get back to normal. "You did something wrong just come forward because nobody gets away with it,” Solis said.

"I just want my brother to know that we're here for him, that we love him,” Marisela said through tears.
Pedro Mendez comes from a large family. His sister says they're a family of six siblings total and his parents are also reeling from the news. This is an open investigation.

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