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High School friends react to Jenna Farrey's arrest

Friday, November 22, 2013 - 12:42am

We're learning more about an El Paso mother who is behind bars. Police believe they found Jenna Farrey's 5 month-old son Jackson in the New Mexico desert Wednesday, and tonight high school friends of the 20 year-old are painting a picture of a young woman who just wanted to start a new life.

El Paso was supposed to be a fresh start for Jenna Farrey, a new beginning after a long and troubled childhood in small town Illinois.

"She was telling me it was all going well. She was having a good time down there," said Ian Trentham, one of Jenna's high school friends from Illinois.

That's why Jenna's friends were stunned when they learned Wednesday that Jenna's baby was dead and that she was behind bars in Michigan.

"She never even really mentioned her kids. It's like you don't really know this person you've been talking to the whole time," said Johnnette Colon, another friend.

Ian Trentham is one of Jenna's closest friends and even lived with her for four months in high school. He and Jenna's other high school friends admit she didn't didn't always have a happy childhood.

"She's been in trouble with the law because she scratched up her mom's car and stuff like that," said Trentham.

"She didn't have a lot of money up here. She was always getting into trouble whether it be school or something else," said Johnnette.

But they say things seemed to be changing. Jenna appeared to be happy and had developed a big interest in cars and auto racing, even getting behind the wheel herself at the El Paso Motorcomplex.

And that's why Ian and Johnette say they're having a hard time grasping what's happened, their vivacious and energetic friend now behind bars, and potentially the target of a murder investigation, and all they can do is watch from hundreds of miles away.

"I'm very sad. I liked her a lot as a friend. We had a lot of good times together," said Trentham.


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She didn't have a lot of money? Obviously didn't know her too well because it was commonly known that she inherited over $160,000 dollars from her father's estate.

She blew it all in less than a year.

Find some people that actually knew her before you post a story.

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