Heavy rains damage graves at Fort Bliss National Cemetery

Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 10:09pm

Heavy rains seriously damaged many graves at the Fort Bliss National Cemetery. The damage is so bad, caution taped marked off areas where the ground is especially soft and unstable after last week's heavy rainfall.
Holes dotted the area where some graves lie and plywood had to be placed on top of some of the graves because of the damage done to the late soldiers’ final resting place.

"Veterans Affairs actually runs the Fort Bliss National Cemetery. Veterans Affairs and Fort Bliss National Cemetery take this very seriously. We really regret this and we want, we treat all of our veterans with the utmost dignity. So the Veterans Affairs and the Fort Bliss National Cemetery have already taken some action. They've taken immediate action to sort of restore all the sites that have been damaged,” MAJ. Joe Buccino, a Spokesperson with Fort Bliss, told us.

Fort bliss officials say they expect to complete the repairs by Friday.


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