Colon Cancer Awareness Month: Get the Details at Seminar

EL PASO— As March almost ends, so does Colon Cancer Awareness Month. But for those seeking more information, a free seminar will be provided.

Drug Used in Treating Osteoporosis May Cause Bone Fractures

CANADA— A Canadian study is suggesting that women taking medication for osteoporosis for more than five years may actually be be more at risk for bone fractures.

New Study Reveals Cell Phone Usage Causes Stress to Brain Cells

BETHESDA, M.D.— Most people can't seem to live without their cell phones, and new research shows using a cell phone can affect brain activity.

Eating Off Of A Toilet? Mall Food Court Food Trays Have Just As Much Germs As Toilet

VANCOUVER, CANADA— A person daring enough may lick a toilet seat— and while many may think this is disgusting, a recent study showed a toilet seat hosts just as many germs as a food tray.

Lawsuit Against Taco Bell Said Meat is 35 Percent Beef

ALABAMA— The slogan “beef, it's what's for dinner” apparently has no meaning to the Taco Bell franchise after a lawsuit claims the beef used in the chain's meals is not actually beef.

Belgium Study Busts Another Myth: Breakfast Before A Morning Workout Could Bring More Weight

BELGIUM— The Europeans are on a roll in busting myths— now breakfast could pack on the pounds if eaten before a work out.

New Study by Hong Kong Researchers Could Develop New Down-Syndrome Testing

HONG KONG, CHINA— A new study released by researchers could develop a new way to test and help screen for Down Syndrome.

Womens' Tears Proven to Keep Men at Bay

ISRAEL— Justin Timberlake may want to retract his song “Cry Me A River” after research reveals why a crying woman may be a turn-off to men.

U.S. Government Wants New Rules on Drinking Water

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Is too much of a good thing bad? The U.S. government seems to think so. The government wants the levels of fluoride in drinking water lowered, after some children are developing white spots on their teeth.

New Blood Test Has Potential to Detect Cancer Cells

HOUSTON— In a potential break-through for cancer patients, a new blood test is showing some promising results: finding cancer cells.

USDA to Add Nutrition Labels to Meat Packages

WASHINGTON— For years, consumers have been never been able to tell just what is in the meat they bought, or just how fat or lean the meat really is. But as early as 2012, that will all change.

CDC Reports Salmonella Outbreak

The Center for Disease and Prevention reported Thursday that 89 people have been sickened by a salmonella outbreak linked to alfalfa sprouts in 15 states including the District of Columbia.

Making Strides

EL PASO - On this Halloween and final day of breast cancer awareness month... hundreds of El Pasoans gathered at Cielo Vista Mall to participate in a 5K walk for the cause.

Men Get Breast Cancer Too

EL PASO - During breast cancer awareness month don't think pink without considering a little blue.