Alzheimer's Advances: Research and living with the disease

EL PASO -  It's common to forget things from time to time, but as people age forgetting things often can be early signs of a much more serious problem.

Local High School Bands Fundraise for UTEP Student in Coma

EL PASO — Two El Paso high schools have put down their rivalries for the moment to raise money for an ex-student who has been in an Arizona hospital since December.

4.2 Million Dollars Headed to El Paso Cancer Research Facilities

EL PASO - Officials from The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas were in El Paso Friday morning to present the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine and UTEP with a total 4.2 million dollars towards continuing cancer research.

Blood And Bone Marrow Drives This Weekend

EL PASO - If you're a healthy adult, there aren't many excuses for not giving blood. Barnett Harley Davidson is hosting a blood drive for United Blood Services at both it's east El Paso location and the showroom in Las Cruces.

Research: Coffee May Help Against Type II Diabetes

EL PASO— Addicted to coffee? Rejoice. Researchers said your morning cup o' joe may help protect you against type two diabetes.

Recall: Tylenol Wants Its Moldy Smelling Caplets Back

There's another recall from Tylenol, and you may want to send back those extra-strength Tylenol caplets. Especially if there's a peculiar smell emanating from them.

E.P.I.S.D. Improving Fitness

EL PASO - A report revealed that 44% of Texas schoolchildren are considered "unfit." That is, they did not pass a test of cardiovascular or aerobic fitness.

CDC Reports Teen Birth Rates Are Lower

The United States still has the highest rate for teen pregnancies, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the birth rates in the U.S. fell to a record low.

Science: Researchers Develop Vaccine to Curb Cocaine Addiction

MEXICO CITY— A vaccine against cocaine? It's now a possibility. Researchers in Mexico are developing a vaccine against the drug. The vaccine is not ready for human testing just yet, but it has been tested on rats.

Parting Really Is Such Sweet Sorrow: New Study Suggests Breakups Really Does Cause Pain

For those whom have always gone into a deep depression after a romantic breakup and were told to stop being melodramatic— a new study suggests breakups really do cause pain.

Colon Cancer Awareness Month: Get the Details at Seminar

EL PASO— As March almost ends, so does Colon Cancer Awareness Month. But for those seeking more information, a free seminar will be provided.

Drug Used in Treating Osteoporosis May Cause Bone Fractures

CANADA— A Canadian study is suggesting that women taking medication for osteoporosis for more than five years may actually be be more at risk for bone fractures.

New Study Reveals Cell Phone Usage Causes Stress to Brain Cells

BETHESDA, M.D.— Most people can't seem to live without their cell phones, and new research shows using a cell phone can affect brain activity.

Eating Off Of A Toilet? Mall Food Court Food Trays Have Just As Much Germs As Toilet

VANCOUVER, CANADA— A person daring enough may lick a toilet seat— and while many may think this is disgusting, a recent study showed a toilet seat hosts just as many germs as a food tray.