Health officials: Keep an eye out for standing water

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Thursday, August 14, 2014 - 9:23am

 The end of summer may be in sight, but it's not quite time to put your guard down when it comes to mosquitoes.

The first case of the West Nile Virus was reported earlier this week in the Socorro area. That man is recovering in the hospital.

Last year, the first two cases of the virus were reported in August. Health officials tell us cases usually show up in August and the season can last even until early December.

Emmanuel Amaefula, a resident in west El Paso, said he's well aware of the potential dangers of mosquitoes, and especially West Nile.

Covering up and using repellent with Deet help keep the pesky bugs away, but health officials say keeping an eye out for standing water is also important. Even a teaspoon is enough for mosquitoes to breed in.

Environmental Services said anyone with concerns can call 311 and Vector Control will investigate.

"Any problem, from an unkept pool to standing water, or you just feel there's a lot of mosquitoes in the area. You can call 311 and we'll go out there and investigate," said Danny Soto, code compliance supervisor for Vector Control.

Soto also said there are certain areas of town that see a big mosquito problem during monsoon.

"The water drains towards the Rio Grande so we make those areas...with more standing water... we try to focus on," Soto said. The upper and lower valleys are concerns this time of year.

Other tips they have are to make sure screens are installed on doors and windows, and using AC when possible to relieve the humidity.   


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