Haggerty family recalls Dan Haggerty's childhood at Funeral

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - 6:35pm

We've known that Dan Haggerty has been battling bladder cancer. He lost his fight last Friday. But it's how he lived his life up until that point that sticks out in many El Pasoans minds.

Despite the overwhelming sadness that swept up the crowd at Dan Haggerty's funeral.

"He just loved everybody and I think he will be sorely missed, sorely missed,” Molly Haggerty-McLaughlin, Dan’s sister said.

There were moments of happiness of how the late County Commissioner lived his 64-years of life in El Paso.

"He was just bigger than life,” Bridget Haggerty-Maxwell, Dan’s sister said.

Haggerty grew up in a household of 11siblings.

"I don't know how to express how you lose somebody. This is the man who taught me how to ride a bike, we learned to dance together,” Molly explained.

As his sisters demonstrate, "The thing I'm going to miss most is dancing and at the end of his dance was his dip,” Bridget said. He has the ability to keep his siblings smiling even though he's no longer here.

"He was so smooth and wherever he is, Dan, keep dancing. Keep dancing, baby. He was fabulous,” Molly added.

Pat Haggerty, Dan's brother, delivered the eulogy. He shared with the crowd how as a toddler, Dan, Pat, and another brother, went to Fort Bliss selling newspapers. And with two fingers in his mouth, a handful of nickels, and a bundle of newspapers, Dan had the charm and the ability to bring in more cash than even his two older brothers. At the tender age of three.

"He'll be missed. I mean it's... the emotions are, it hasn't hit us yet, it will,” Bridget said.

As his casket is wheeled away from the gym and to his permanent home on Fort Bliss, "To see everyone here now. Dan's whole thing was we had a big family but El Paso became his family,” Molly explained.

It's the moments of Dan’s life, not death that will be remembered.

Private burial is set for tomorrow at Fort Bliss.


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