Girl, 6, talks about being involved in hit-and-run accident in East El Paso

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 6:15pm

One month ago, an SUV struck a 6-year-old girl in East El Paso. Her name is Genesis, and she suffered serious injuries. The driver left the scene and still hasn't come forward.

"When I was running on the streets, I looked that way and then went over here so I could go, but then I think it was going fast and that's why it ran over me," said Genesis Galicia.

It happened April 15 on the family's own street, Sea Breeze in El Paso’s eastside. A woman was behind the wheel of the dark-colored SUV that hit Genesis. The impact broke the girl's ankle and her collar bone, and bruised her spleen.

"It's been up and down. You know we've had our problems and we've had our moments where we sit down and cry," said Genesis’ mother Viviana Ruiz.

After hitting Genesis, the SUV stopped; the driver then got out of the vehicle, picked Genesis up and then just put her on the sidewalk before she drove off.

"She should have called the ambulance or something like that, the police, or she could have told somebody on the sidewalk that was there that, 'Where's her parents’ and 'Where's her house,'" said Genesis.

"Regardless if it was an accident or not, she could have at least called the police. It would have been considered just an accident," said Ruiz.

The driver who hit the 6-year-old hasn't turned herself in or been caught.

"I do know that we've received some tips through the investigation phase of the investigation, but none of them have been fruitful," said Mike Baranyay with the El Paso Police Department.

Still, police are keeping this case in the spotlight.

"This case will be featured as Crime Stoppers crime of the week here in El Paso next week," said Baranyay. "I think the reality is this is a situation where community based policing is going to benefit this case. If someone out there knows something, hopefully they'll come forward at some point."

Genesis' mother said justice will come for the driver, one way or another.

"May god bless you because the days going to come when something is going to happen for her to actually pay the price for what she did," said Ruiz.

It may be a long time before Genesis recovers from her physical and emotional injuries. For now, her strength amazes everyone.

"We see how strong she is. We see that if God put this in her way then you know what, she's going to be able to deal with so much more," said Ruiz.

We asked Genesis, how she was feeling and she said "happy."

Genesis will soon start physical therapy and counseling. She hopes to return to school next year.

Her mother said her neighbors are petitioning to install speed bumps on Sea Breeze Drive, so this doesn't happen again to another innocent child.


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