Ft. Bliss soldiers' deaths attributed to IED's and Afghanistan's 'fighting season'

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 6:02pm

Nine Fort Bliss soldiers have died in Afghanistan in the past month.
To many, that seems like a big number.  Fort Bliss officials tell Local 4 News, this doesn't mean the fight in Afghanistan is getting tougher.  It means it's fighting season in Afghanistan. Basically, fighting season depends on the weather.

"The fighting season usually begins in begins in late March early April til October, November until the snow falls,"  said Kory James from Counter IED Integration. 

His job is to help give soldiers the training they need to get rid of improvised explosive devices.

Soldiers at Fort Bliss spend about 3 days a week training on topics like IED's.
They work as a team, using what looks like a metal detector.  The must stand in a formation to ensure no one steps on ground until it's been cleared by the man with the detector.

"As long as you stay on that clear path, your chances of stepping on one of these devices or getting hit by one of these devices are low," said Mark Hall.

Despite their extensive training efforts, IED's are still the main cause of death for many soldiers.

"IED's is their form of attack against us and we lose about 60 percent of our soldiers through ied incidents," said Kory James.

It's a fight that's killed thousands of U.S. soldiers. A battle that might only end when the U.S. combat mission expires in 2014.



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