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Free Shuttle Route Designed for Downtown Shopping & Dining

Photo Courtesy Eddie Romero
Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - 3:03pm

EL PASO — A new route dedicated to downtown visitors will feature smaller uniquely branded vehicles, similar to hotel transportation vehicles that will be easily recognized with Downtown El Paso's colorful papel-picado motif and clear decals indicate it is a free shuttle service.

Sun Metro partnered with the El Paso Downtown Management District and the El Paso Central Business Association, who said they aim to help make shopping and dining in Downtown El Paso easier and vibrant.

Sun Metro will take the existing Route 9 and divide it into two routes-the Downtown Shopping District and the Court District Circulator.

This circulator will begin at the corner of El Paso Street and 6th Avenue, travel north on El Paso Street, turn right onto San Antonio, turn right onto Stanton , turn right onto 7th Avenue, turn right onto Oregon, and then turn left onto 6th Avenue to complete the route. The route connects the El Paso, San Antonio, and Stanton shopping areas and will have frequency of 15 minutes.

This new circulator will begin at the Downtown Transfer Center, Bay 14, and connect the Union Plaza District, the Cultural Arts District, City Hall, the County Courthouse, the federal buildings and several business offices. The route will have a 30 minute frequency.
The new routes will be activated on Sept. 9, at which time Sun Metro also will implement several other service improvements.


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