FBI Speaks About Public Corruption

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 8:25pm

EL PASO- Amidst all the public corruption and investigations in the Borderland, the FBI took some time to speak to Local Four News about about how they're handling it all.

FBI special agent Mark Morgan was on hand to discuss his plans for public corruption. After having been in El Paso just 4 months, he's seen more than a few public corruption cases, to say the least.
He says El Paso isn't the only city dealing with public corruption as the problem is all over the country. He says he's ready is ready to tackle anything.

"I'm absolutely confidant not only in the FBI, and i think that's what's important, is that it's all agencies here. I can tell you we work together to aggressively pursue corruption at all levels," said Morgan. He says that El Paso has adopted a certain mentality.

"I think that just the way this city was established that some of the mind set that there's a pay to play type mind set. I think that is still here and that's a challenge to over come that through investigation, but the public, there's got to be a low tolerance from the public. They're not willing to accept the public corruption going on," said Morgan.

So we asked a few El Pasoans how should the people of El Paso respond when it sees its elected officials go to jail?

"It's a bit embarrassing but I love my community and I am a bit embarrassed but it happened elsewhere and its happening everywhere," said Lee Schwartz, a retired school teacher.

"I just think that there's so much money and misuse of power for anybody that gets involved in politics. It's almost impossible. I don't see how they can avoid it," said Becky Young, a retired social worker.

The FBI says fighting public corruption is the highest priority for them.


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