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Famous Stayin' Alive Song Could Help Save a Life

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 9:14am

New research suggests there's an easier and more effective way to give CPR. Most victims who need immediate CPR, need to keep blood flowing to the heart and brain. Often times, people who see victims in distress are too scared to take action. But one doctor has come up with a very catchy and a simple idea, and it's revolutionizing the world of CPR. Dr. Ison Inaba with the American Heart Association, says if you call 911 and then push hard and fast on the center of a victim's chest to the beat of a famous Bee Gee's song, "Stayin' Alive," you can double or triple that person's chance of survival. The new study says, this hands only approach led to better survival rates and better neurological functioning in victims of sudden cardiac arrest than conventional CPR.


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