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Family acusses Otero's Sheriff's of alleged abuse

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 7:55pm

There are the bruises left on Jose Rios’s body; his family is accusing deputies of the Otero county sheriff's department of hitting them and their 12 year old son while conducting an arrest of his 17 year old brother who is accused of robbery yesterday.

"They started like pushing me to the floor, they picked me up and then threw me to the floor, Reporter: Did they hurt you?: Yea Jose Rios said"

"First they threw me, they also hit me in the stomach and they were just on top of my children hitting them" his mom Rosie Rios added.

The family tells us after the arrest deputies used the electric Taser on the boy and his mother.
Jose recorded everything on camera. But then they say the deputies then went in to the house without a search warrant and took the camera's data card.

The family was able to retain a cap and a pair of handcuffs that the officers forgot.

"They threw the camera to the floor, then they started pushing me then I told them, why they were doing that and then they started to hit me" Jose added.

KDBC reached out to the Otero County Sheriff's Department, they released a statement.

They say... It was the family who attacked their deputies first....
And that the 12-year-old hit one of their deputies with a shovel.

And that ("deputy was struck by a juvenile armed with a shovel")... Though the statement didn't specify which juvenile was the attacker.

They also say they lost the hat and handcuffs in the middle of the alleged brawl...

Deputies say they plan to arrest more of those involved in the incident. "Arrest warrants have been obtained for other individuals who were involved in the incident"

But this, May not be a he said she said story…

This woman, who originally pressed charges on Daniel Rios accusing him of stealing her car rims, witnessed the arrest and says it went too far.

"When I turned they were already teasing the mom and the little kid, they were already in the ground, I saw when one of the sheriffs pushed the kid I think it went too far" Maria Hernandez said.


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