Fabens residents upset at Health and Human Services Center closing

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 12:16am

Frustration in Fabens Monday night. After residents learned the Health and Human Services Center there will be forced to closed in two weeks. The center is one of 65 statewide that will be closing due to a lack of state funding.

Representative Mary E. Gonzalez and Senator Jose Rodriguez held a meeting to discuss the closure.

"I know this is a changing world but we have to consider the older people the ones that don't speak English and their here and we need to be of service and I think all of these are service agencies. And we're forgetting, we're running things like a business instead of like a service organization," Beatrice Flores, a Fabens resident said.

While the center will close, services will still be offered at a different location. Residents can call 211 for more information


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