Ever wonder what colleges have the most nutritious meals?

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 8:35am

For parents, if your diet in college consisted mainly consisted of macaroni and cheese, you might have to take a second look at what your college student might be eating.

Some colleges are now offering top notch dining experiences.

The daily meal website pulled together the top college dining options nationwide.

The top ten include:

1. Bowdoin College in Maine
2. Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri
3. Virginia Tech in Virginia
4. Emory University in Georgia
5. UCLA in California
6. Cornell University in New York
7. UMass Amherst in Massachusetts
8. Kennesaw State University in Georgia
9. Tufts University in Massachusetts
10. Yale University in Connecticut

These schools were judged on: how healthy their offerings were, and if those meals were made in house and grown locally, accessibility and services like hours the food was available, events and nutritional education, did the college engage students with nutritional food-centered events? They also took student feedback into consideration.

They were also judged on the "X" factor. It's something unique and creative that differentiates the schools dining. What made Bowdoin College in Maine take the top ranking? Besides having what the survey considered good food, the school served vegetables grown in their own organic garden to students.


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