Estimated 15,000 people packed downtown for first Friday baseball game, a concert, and Jerry Seinfeld

Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 12:16am

Downtown El Paso was hopping Friday night as an estimated 15,000 people packed the area to watch baseball, take in a concert, and watch Jerry Seinfeld perform stand-up comedy.

It's the kind of crowds that city leaders were envisioning when they pumped millions of dollars into the revitalization of downtown.

"You look back 5, 6 years ago, we didn't have as many downtown events and activities as we do today. So, this is just another step in our progression towards growing downtown," said Bryan Crowe, the General Manager of Destination El Paso. 

"I never come downtown. I hardly come down, even if it is, it's usually to either the museum, or just kind of come down shopping but other than that, I've hardly seen this part so it's a really good experience," said Jennifer Ramos.

Many concert-goers at the Alfresco Fridays event enjoyed a cold beer and some nachos before walking over to watch the El Paso Chihuahuas first-ever Friday game.

"I think the more and more that they've developed the downtown area, I think it's good," said Maryann Contreras.

"It's great. We really enjoy it, it's something to do. Like right now, being here and then going to the game and there's some other things going on, so it's great for the City of El Paso," said Ignacio Zubia.

"It's wonderful. That's what El Paso needs, yes ma'am," said Vera Zubia.

El Paso Police officers hit every major intersection near the ballpark, regulating the heavy traffic and manning the crosswalks.

All those extra bodies downtown means extra cash for businesses like SoHo, which changed their entire brand and became a sports bar to attract Chihuahuas business.

"This week, it has sky-rocketed. But the past month, once the Chihuahua store opened, downtown traffic started picking up, new businesses started coming in, like the subway right next door to us, little things like that."

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