EPISD Police Officers remind motorists to slow down

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 5:49pm

Police are out in full force this first week of school -- pulling over drivers who are speeding through school zones.

In the 2013-2014 school year EPISD officers pulled over more than 2,300 motorists for speeding in a school zone and 1,700 of those drivers were given tickets.

In black and white, yellow, and even flashing numbers, posted speed limits for school zones near Hughey Elementary School in Central El Paso are hard to miss, "Good afternoon, ma'am. Can I see your driver's license and proof of financial responsibility, please,” Lieutenant Jose Garcia with the EPISD Police Department tells a motorist on Tuesday.

“I stopped her for speeding in a school zone,” Lt. Garcia told us, "She was doing 29 in a 15."

Well, at least most people don’t have trouble missing them. "Well I'm kinda [sic] shocked so I'm like… it's cause I'm from California so I'm still getting the hang of… you know, El Paso,” Cristina Zamarripa, a Far East El Paso resident explained.

EPISD police said they will be gently reminding drivers like Zamarripa of the posted speed limit.

"Sometimes people are not paying attention to their speedometer so it's a good educational tool that we utilize,” Chief of Police Victor Araiza, with EPISD PD said.

They will be posting their mobile speed display to alert motorists of just how fast they're driving and if they don't see the flashing lights ahead of them, they might get pulled over.

Like Zamarripa, "What I'm going to do right now is I'm going to give her a written warning and she'll know that there is a school zone here and she needs to slow down for the next time,” Lt. Garcia told us.

Although the Lieutenant is just issuing her a warning, "I wasn't aware that the kids had started school and I didn't even know that this whole area was a middle school and elementary,” Zamarripa said.

She knows if she's caught again she may be facing a $150 to $1,200 fine. "Just make sure you read the sign. Just really make sure,” Zamarripa explained.

Schools may also host after school events -- and officers explained a good rule of thumb is to be cautious whenver you're around a school zone.

And it's not just speeders that police are targeting. You could also be fined for using your cell phone or passing a school bus.


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