El Paso Resident vies to become outdoor show host

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 5:46pm

El Paso resident, Thiago Silva swims with sharks, jumps off of cliffs, and shoots videos of himself while he's doing it.
he's one of twelve people who are vying for their dream job,  host of a Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdon. This isn't a show Thiago puts on for the camera, it's simply how he lives his life.

He takes adventure seriously. Silva grew up in the rainforest of Brazil.  Nature is just his nature.

"A lot of my friends in brazil don't get a chance to travel," Silva said.  "A lot of my friends here in the U.S, don't get a chance to travel.  So I thought i'm going to go visit Belize or Guatamala or Switzerland".

Silva's lived in El Paso for a couple of years.

"Let me make a little video and show them what's its like to be there," he said.  "What's it's like to jump off a cliff in the Swiss Alps or dive with the sharks in Belize".

Silva is one of twelve finalists to be Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Host.
right now ... he's in second place.

"I want to be in it with nature and go do these crazy things ,but to me they're not crazy," he said.  "They're things that I have to do I have to go do".

Voting ends midnight on Thursday, May 23rd.

To vote for Thiago Silva, go to: http://www.wildkingdom.com/nextwildguide



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