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El Paso Honors Law Enforcement Officials

Friday, September 28, 2012 - 8:37pm

Community members convened together today to celebrate and honor those who protect our local area in uniform. Organizers say it was the most attended "Blue Mass" ceremonyh to date. Those in and out of uniform took some time out of their day to send their thoughts and thanks to all law enforcement officials.

The American flag flies as high as Saint Patrick's Cathedral today as community members convened at this year's 3rd annual "Blue Mass."

"This is more of a community-based thanksgiving for the service for all law enforcement officials," Division Chief for US Border Patrol, Robert Boatright says.

All local law enforcement agencies were present, as well as those who wanted to thank them. Including Ashley Ortega, whose Aunt is the Director of the El Paso Probation Department. "I think it's important that we support law enforcement, we support people that help keep our communities safe," Ortega explains.

El Paso's "Blue Mass" is relatively new. The idea came forth when U.S. Marshall Robert Almonte attended one in San Antonio.

"I talked to the other heads of agencies here in El Paso and they were all for it, we got together and the next thing you know we're having our own blue mass here," Almonte says.


Officers of the law sit and stand with those they protect in the pews in this non-denominational ceremony. Honornig those serve the community as well as those have paid the ultimate sacrifice to do so.

"It's just a remembrance of the service to the communities in which we're all a part of," Chief Boatright says.

"Blue Mass" is an annual event. Next year's will take place in late September and they will also honor those who have fallen on duty this coming May.



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