El Paso families adopt 18 children

Saturday, November 23, 2013 - 6:35pm

It’s National Adoption Day and more than a dozen children in El Paso will have a new place to call home, earlier today 9 families made their adoptions official.

The moment was full of emotions and happiness as 18 kids were officially introduced to their new families.

Diana Carolina Reyes who is now 16 is one of the kids adopted. Her life changed when she met Rebecca Reyes who is now officially her mother.

"I feel very excited to be with the family and I feel really loved by my family," Diana Reyes said.

"These children are all have been victims of abuse or neglect so they've gone through a lot their biological parent's rights have been terminated and so they've been in foster care for many of them most of their lives," Judge Yahara Lisa Gutierrez said.

But the struggles and hard times for these kids are now in the past. El Paso former Congressman Silvestre Reyes who became a grandpa again today says this experience was unforgettable.

"Grandkids are God's best blessings we're blessed to have Diana in the family it's National Adoption Day I hope this encourages others to consider adopting one of these beautiful children," Former Congressman Reyes said.

According to Judge Yahara Lisa Gutierrez the need in El Paso for adoption is increasing and the number of foster homes is insufficient.

"there is a great need for foster homes you know we have more kids than we have homes that's probably one of the hardest parts of my job that I'll have a child that needs foster care and I don't have any place to put them so I end up having to send them out of town where they're away from whatever they known," Gutierrez said.

"It allows you to do it even as a single parent I'm a single parent and it promotes you in way that you can't even imagine it teaches you how to be a parent and how to welcome these children in to your home," Rebecca Reyes said.

Judge Gutierrez says there are currently more than 100 children awaiting adoption.


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