El Paso County Judge Candidates Debate

Saturday, September 25, 2010 - 8:34pm

Jaime Perez and Veronica Escobar are both in the race for El Paso County Judge.

Today, they faced off in a debate.

Perez is currently chief of staff for the county judge and is the Republican candidate.

Escobar is currently a county commissioner and is the Democratic candidate.

After the debate, both candidates spoke to us about why the public should vote for them.

"We are completely on different ends, on opposite ends of the issues. I didn't agree with her tax increase, I don't agree with her wanting to increase it even more. I don't agree with her continuing to want to spend on programs that are not mandated by the state," Perez said.

"A record of lowering the tax rate for the citizens. Since I have been in office our tax rate is lower than it was in 2006. Making cuts where they need to be made. Making investments in our future that need to be made," Escobar said.

Something that both candidates could agree on was to get informed and get out and vote this November.


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