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"El Paso Chihuahuas" team name gets mixed reaction

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 11:31pm

After months of wondering and waiting, and a few clues along the way, El Paso's Triple-A baseball team now has a name:the El Paso Chihuahuas.

Hundreds of little league players were invited to attend the team name reveal at the Plaza, in downtown, Tuesday afternoon.

"It's awesome. We love it. It's awesome. It's a great idea," said three little league baseball players.

But others say Mountain Star Sports group struck out.

"If they're really going to capture the culture of this area then they could've done a better job," said West El Paso resident John Olgin.

Team owner Paul Foster admittedly felt the mixed reaction in the crowd.

"It was like oh wait thats not the one I was expecting. I don't think it's gonna take any time at all for people to really embrace it and get excited about it. You're gonna see kids all over town wearing chihuahuas hats, shirts and jackets,"said Foster.

City representative Michiel Noe felt the same way.

"You see the construction moving along, moving along. I cant' wait for opening day. I really can't," said Noe.

A little league baseball parent echoed his kids' excitement.

"It's gonna work for El Paso. It's exactly what they said it's gonna be. It's fun. It's exciting. It's positive for El Paso," said Andrew Reynoso.

Love it or hate it, it's too late now. The dog fight is over and the small but fierce looking pooch is here to stay.

"I'll still check it out, out of curiosity. But I mean it's not something that I would be boasting, be proud of," said East El Pasoan Andrew Ryan.

At this point, opponents are simply barking up the wrong tree.

"I'm sure when the team gets here and starts winning,everybody's gonna be happy with it," said Noe.

While some think the new team name is a step in the wrong direction for El Paso, Foster believes quite the contrary.

"Chihuahuas is El Paso's team and when you hear the name chihuahuas, across the country people are gonna think El Paso," said Foster.


Reader Comments

Sooooooo immature for a Triple "A" Ball Club... What was Foster thinking??? Totally stupid looking, and not impressive at all. Maybe "El Paso Fuego" would have sounded more mature and better. Flames would have looked way cooler on shirts, hats, etc., than a Chihuahua. "Fuego" would depict our Triple "A" Ball Club is on FIRE!!!!! Go Figure!!!!...and go back to the drawing board.......


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