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Student Parking Lot Closed, Vehicles Towed

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 11:26pm

EL PASO, TX — High school seniors in El Paso will celebrate graduation this weekend but for many students at Coronado, the last day of high school didn't go quite as planned.

Coronado High School closed the senior parking lot. Many students left their cars in a nearby shopping center lot and just as soon as they walked into school, the tow trucks rolled in.

A lot of parents paid a lot of money to get their cars back and they want a change in school policy.

"It's inexcusable and they should not close the lots," said mother Beth Keats.

Chains prevented seniors from parking in their regular spots. They had to park somewhere, and many chose a shopping center on Mesa including Keats' son, Brian.

"They say they're closing the lots for safety issues but they're creating more problems and kids are running around the street on Mesa and whatever and I don't understand the logic," said Beth Keats.

Brian was in school just 30 minutes, but that's how fast the tow truck swept in and hauled away his SUV. His parents needed three hours and $180 to get it back from El Paso Towing.

"I said 'Gee what's going on. You guys must be getting a lot of business up there today?' and she said, 'Yeah,'" said father Matt Keats.

Keats said tow trucks took at least 20 cars.

"They wanted to get all the students out of Coronado so they could leave early," said student David Ortiz.

The EPISD spokesperson said the school closed the parking lot as a security measure but she could not say exactly what the security risk was.

"They were afraid that the seniors were probably gonna throw eggs or water balloons," said another student.

The district spokesperson said the school notified the students and parents to let them know about the closure, but the Keats family and several students said they didn't get any message like that.

We called El Paso Towing to learn how many cars it towed from the Coronado High School area and they could not, or would not, give us an answer.


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