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Snakes---Er, We Mean Scorpions on A Plane Leave One Man Stung

Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 6:55pm

PORTLAND, OREGON-- Forget about the snakes, now there are scorpions on a plane.

Jeff Ellis, of West Linn, Oregon, was stung by a scorpion on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Anchorage, two weeks ago.

Ellis was attempting to sleep during the flight when he felt a sting on his elbow. Ellis and his girlfriend, who was traveling with him, took a quick snapshot of the little bugger and saved it in a bag.

Ellis suspects the scorpion somehow crawled on the plane earlier in the day when the flight originated in Austin.

Ellis wasn't seriously injured, and said the sting felt like a bee sting. But he sure won't forget this incident.

"I'm glad I didn't let it get away because then it would have caused a total panic onboard," said Ellis. "'Scorpions on a plane.' Yeah, news at 11. I reached up and looked and said 'oh my God it's a scorpion,' and grabbed the paper napkin off the tray table and grabbed it and tried to get my girlfriend's attention saying 'hey I just caught a scorpion and I think it stung me.'"

Alaska Airlines gave him bonus frequent flier miles and two free tickets, said Ellis, and he said they also did a great job reacting to the situation.

Ellis said that the next time he boarded a plane, he'll take a closer look at what's around him.  


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