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NMSU Athletics Meets APR Requirements, Men's BBall Earns Biggest Jump

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 - 1:44pm

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) announced Thursday, June 21, its annual Academic Progress Report (APR) for 2010-11. New Mexico State had 15 of 16 sports meet the required 925 multi-year average, including perfect scores of 1000 by women’s golf, for the second consecutive year and softball, a first for the program.

This is the highest number of teams to meet the required multi-year average since the APR was release back in 2004-05. Concurrently, NM State will not face any scholarship or limited practice penalties this year.

“It’s good to reflect on our APR progress after five years,” NM State Athletics Director, Dr. McKinley Boston said. “At the time of the initial APR we had six teams that were under the 925 requirement, but going into this year we only have one program under 925 and that is football. We are confident however that they are on course and will meet the requirements in next year’s report for all our sports. I’m very proud of our coaches and academic support personnel for recognizing the challenge and stepping up to meet it head on.”

Football with a multi-year score of 918 was the only team to fall below the 925 multi-year required average but has continued to make progress over the last several years. Going forward, the football program will drop a significantly low score from the 2007-08 season, which the athletics department is confident will raise all 16 sports above the required average.

In conjunction with the New Mexico State University academic standards and the athletic department’s strategic plan, NM State has proven that academic success and athletic success are not mutually exclusive of each other.

Sport 04-05 APR Score                   10-11 APR Score

Baseball 849                                     951(+102)
M. Basketball 756                             926(+170)
M. Cross Country 1000                    958
Football 886                                       918(+32)
M. Golf 977                                          992(+15)
M. Tennis 923                                     993(+70)
W. Basketball 934                              950(+16)
W. Cross Country 925                       976(+51)
W. Golf 948                                         1000(+52)
Softball 939                                         1000(+61)
Swimming 967                                     988(+21)
Soccer N/A                                             943
W. Tennis 917                                       976(+59)
Outdoor Track 912                                941(+29)
Indoor Track 925                                   946(+21)
Volleyball 954                                         954


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