Local Parents Raise Apparent Child Prodigy

Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 7:30pm

Meet Caleb... a 2-year-old who considers the alphabet child's play...

"Only God knows where he got the brain from," said Rosita Baptiste, Caleb's mother.
"The doctor said when he was just 14 he's going to be in college," said Matthew Baptiste, Caleb's father.
"I thought I was smart, but man, that guy's something else," said Dr. Akin, Caleb's pediatrician.

A-B-C... definitely easy as 1-2-3 for Caleb... who reads, writes and speaks three different languages... English, Spanish and Indonesian.
Caleb's parents... Rosita and Matthew... struggled 10 out of their 12 years of marriage to have a baby... but along came this bouncing bundle of knowledge.

"He comes to me and says things that I don't understand what he means so I have to learn. I have no choice," said Matthew.

"I have to tell him the book, going to sleep, so you have to go to sleep. If not, he will keep reading, keep asking me 'Mommy, what is this? What is this?' You know what, I want to sleep," said Rosita.

This spellbinding toddler... can't resist a good read.
Forget Dr. Seuss... how about studying to become a real doctor???
A page-turner on human anatomy has become caleb's favorite book.
Rosita says she first noticed Caleb's brain power when he became fixated on educational DVDs as an infant.

"He can stay up in front of the TV hours and hours...3-months-old...and even he, he couldn't even sit yet," said Rosita.

Caleb's pediatrician... Dr. Akin... says in his 18 years of practice... he's never met a child like Caleb.
While most 2-year-olds can only recognize letters... doctor akin believes Caleb can actually read because of a rare, intellectual gift... not because of a talent to memorize.

"As far as I can see, it's definitely something more like a gift, but if you really want to push it further, I'm sure there's some stimulation that needs to be done. I'm sure the parents must have been actually observant to pick this up," said Dr. Akin.

These parents... who watched their son take his first steps at 9-months... say they want to keep him normal while fostering his obvious talents.

"He goes to daycare everyday from 8 to 11:30 just to have him play with kids his age and even the teachers say he shouldn't even be there because Caleb goes to all the books and stuff there and then he gets bored after that," said Matthew.

Although the White House doesn't seem out of Caleb's reach... his parents say they have one main goal in mind for his future.

"Just let him be happy. My only concern is that I know outside is kind of cruel. He's too friendly. So I don't want to turn my back and somebody take him. That's my main concern," said Matthew.

Caleb's mother has spoken to him in Indonesian since birth.
He's picked up the Spanish in day care.
As the next step... Dr. Akin advises these parents to take their gifted son to a psychologist for an IQ test.


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