Chuidioni Aims for X Games as Motocross Professional

Sunday, August 1, 2010 - 10:11pm

Sunday, August 1:  Mike Chiudioni rides for Las Cruces Motorsports, but the 12-year Motocross veteran aims much higher, like the X Games in Los Angeles.  He has won a bunch of competitions, but is still not sure what the future holds for him.  "Yeah, I have won... I have done a bunch of nationals and stuff, I have won a few national championships, came in second a bunch, and I mean, I get beat too, just like everybody else. In the near future, I guess I am not the best planner, but just keep riding and having fun."

Mike Chiudioni rides at X Motoball which is located on the far east side off of Montana and Krag, and loves the fact that there is a new track in El Paso.  "Way convenient, I mean like I said, people in El Paso that aren't taking advantage of it are missing out. I am all the way from Cruces, and if I am not racing at a big race or something, you could find me here every weekend."


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