Cervantes Wins (D) Primary Dist. 31 State Senate Race

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 12:24am

LAS CRUCES, NM — State Rep. Joseph Cervantes won his democratic primary election against former Sunland Park Mayor Ruben Segura.
Cervantes said that the community needs someone to lead them in the right direction. Cervantes will represent Sunland Park in New Mexico's capital Sante Fe. He says he knows exactly what to do first to help the controversial city.
"Well, the first thing to do is to build some trust. Sunland Park has to reestablish it's trust with the state. The state has to reestablish it's trust with the community of Sunland park. That's the first place. We have to work on the imagine of Sunland park," said Cervantes.
Ruben Segura said that he ran a tough campaign thanks to help from the community.
"I had a lot of people from the grassroots level coming out and helping, you know offering. If you look at my campaign report, most of the money that I actually obtained were $20, $40, $60, $80 and they were from people, families who really had faith in me," said Segura.
Cervantes will run again Republican Brett Preston for the District 31 State Senate Seat in November.



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