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Brown Excels in Body Building After Short Time

Friday, August 19, 2011 - 7:44pm

Cece Brown is a trainer turned body builder. Brown didn't expect to make quite a statement that he has in body building, it was just something to keep him in shape for his job as a personal trainer.

"Yeah, just wanted to keep in shape, and some friends told me to try it out, and I did... guess it worked out!"

Brown recently won the Mid-USA and the New Mexico State Championship in Albuquerque, qualifying him for the national meets.

"Wow, it's uh... Actually I'm still in shock right now. It's a natural high. It's unbelievable. I don't still don't think it's hit me yet. Right now I'm working out from Monday to Sunday. I'm in the gym three times a day. Cardio in the morning. Workout midday in the afternoon and then cardio in the late evening," said Brown.

Brown added he will likely compete at a national meet in New York City in November, meaning he needs to get ready now. Brown will compete this weekend at the Sun City Regional, held at UTEP on Saturday at Magoffin Auditorium. Fans are welcome to attend at 6:00pm.

Brown trains at Backstreet Gym in El Paso.


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