Alcohol Rules for Music Under the Stars

Thursday, June 7, 2012 - 9:19am

EL PASO - Music Under the Stars starts June 10th at the Chamizal, but there's been some controversy over allowing alcohol into the park.

Chief Ranger Jerome Flood of the Chamizal told us alcohol will be sold by Coconuts, a central El Paso bar.

He tells us that bar met the most requirements set up by the Chamizal, including customer service, selection and even down to how the drinks are poured.

Now although the park will allow alcohol to be sold at the summer concert series, they've set a limit of one drink per person each time they stand in line.

However, customers can buy an additional drink for someone else.

Customers will be allowed to stand in line more than once, but TABC laws will be enforced, meaning no one who's drunk will be served.


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