Economic development on its way to the Mission Valley

Sunday, September 8, 2013 - 10:52pm

New economic development could be on its way to the mission valley, the county of El Paso reached an agreement with the city to review several plans that could benefit businesses in the area.

County commissioners will decide on the approval of a development plan in the mission valley that would bring grant funds to business owners.

The mission valley will now be part of the city of El Paso’s zoning and development plan, the county of El Paso reached an inter-local agreement that will allow the county to expand its projects.

“The county does not have an economic development department and it would be too expensive for us to begin one, we fund two full time individuals who focus on economic development outside the city limits” County Commissioner Vince Perez said.

This program would benefit areas like San Elizario, Maya Sanchez with the San Eli incorporation efforts group says it’s the right time to make the plans a reality

“it’s something that El Paso county has been wanting to do for years, I’m just hopeful that this time it will actually be something that comes off paper and in to the community” Sanchez said.

The project is expected to fund businesses improvements in the area, explore the option of bringing hotels, motels, restaurants and art galleries.

“We’re starting with approximately 100 thousand dollars to help businesses that are currently located along the mission trail corridor with façade so if they like to improve the exterior of their building to make it more attractive to customers this funding is available for them” Perez added.

Commissioner Vince Perez says approving the plan is important to increase tourism in the area and offer more attractions to the public.

“There’s great private investments so far there’s not a lot of public investment and that’s where it is I hope we can do a better job of getting the public sector involved and to encourage growth in some of these areas but there’s a lot of potential with all the history, there’s a lot of potential for ecotourism” Perez concluded.


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